2017 STA Convention
May 5, 2017
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Presentation Proposal

Personal Information

We will use this information to contact you and for the contract. Only your name, bio, photo and the workshop description will be visible on the website. If you are presenting with a colleague, there is room for a second instructor at the end of the form.
You can upload a photo in JPG format.
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Workshop Information

Adult Ed
Business Ed
Creative Education
Early Career teachers
English Language Learners (ELL)
Environmental Education
Excursion/Field Trip
Fine Arts
French Immersion
Home Ec/Family Studies
ICT/Media Literacy
Immigrant and Refugee learning needs
Intermediate 4-7
International Languages
Kindergarten / Early Learning
Language Arts
Learning Support Team (LST)
Library/ Learning Commons
Personal Interest
Physical Education
Planning 10 / HACE 8-9
Primary 1-3
Social-Emotional learning
Social Justice
Social Studies
Special Education
Tech Ed
Union Education
Visual Art
Please provide a good description of the workshop content. Please keep the description around 100 words.
  • What are the most important things (learning outcomes) participants will learn as a result of attending this workshop?
  • What is the format of the workshop (lecture, hands-on, demonstration, discussion etc.)?
  • Will printed material (hand-outs) be provided to attendees?
  • Please spell check and edit carefully as this description will be what participants read when deciding which workshop to register for. You can propose to lead an excursion of some kind. They could meet you at the excursion location on that day.
Regular workshops are 90 minutes long. Would you like to request a double session of 3 hours?
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Generally participants attend whatever workshop they choose free of charge. In some unusual cases there are extra fees. Please provide information about any additional fees that you wish to or need to charge for kits or to cover costs for provided materials or experiences. The attendees appreciate some explanation of what they get for their fees.
Please provide us with the information what kind of room you need if your workshop requires special equipment such as a kitchen, a computer lab or a science lab.

Technology needs

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You can upload a photo in JPG or GIF format. The photo will be automatically resized.

Instructor Fees

Please let us know what kind of payment or compensation you would like for the workshop. If you charge a fee for speaking or giving a workshop please tell us the fee and some more details in the field below. We will be contacting you directly to confirm the fee, and/or to negotiate with you. If this is a vendor sponsored workshop please indicate in the field below which vendor is sponsoring the workshop.
No fee
I am a Surrey teacher and would like an LOA to prepare the workshop (1/2 day for one session, full day for 2 different sessions)
I am a teacher in another district and will need my TOC paid that day
In Lieu/Vendor sponsored workshop (please provide details below)
Fee (please provide details below)

Personal Information - Instructor 2

You can enter a second instructor. Just leave the fields empty if there is only one. If you have a 3rd instructor please email us directly and we can add the info later.
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If there is any other detail you would like the committee to know about your workshop please tell us here: