2017 STA Convention
May 5, 2017
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Supporting the Gifted/Highly Able Child

Attendees will gain insight into whom the Gifted Child is in their classroom, the types of supports needed, and how to create an inclusive, but still challenging environment for the Gifted child.  Attendees will also learn of the different program options for Gifted/Highly-Able children in the Surrey School District.

The format of the workshop will be lecture/discussion format, with myself providing information but attendees having the opportunity to ask questions throughout.

Printed materials made available to the attendees are the following:


·      Handouts with information on Gifted/Highly-Able Children


·      Handouts on how to plan (curriculum) to be inclusive of Gifted/Highly-Able students


·      IEP Planning guides


·      Ways to use Freshgrade to report on the Gifted/Highly Able Learner

Target Audience


What to bring

Bring a lesson that you would like to adapt for the Gifted/Highly Able Learner.


Allison Baird

I have been teaching Gifted Education in Surrey for 9 years.  I have my Masters Degree in Educational Practice, and specialize in Metacognitive Learning, The Multiple Intelligences, Interpreting Executive Function as a Learning Tool, and Problem Based Learning.


I have developed specific Intermediate Elementary curriculum and practices to engage the Gifted learner, and to teach them to be advocates for themselves in High School.

08:30 am - 10:00 am

Seats Available