2017 STA Convention
May 5, 2017
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Math Learning Through a Cycle of Formative Assessment

This workshop introduces a flexible, differentiated method for teaching math that allows teachers to meet the needs of a diverse classroom and gives students a key role in their own learning. Teachers will learn how to use a cycle of goal setting and formative assessment to drive math instruction and planning.  They will also learn how to encourage students to use this cycle to understand and regulate their own process of learning. The workshop will consist of a description of the core elements of the program, followed by discussion of methods for implementation/adaptation to individual classrooms. Participants will receive a handout containing the core elements and sample components to adapt for use in their own classroom.

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Jess Kyle

As an inner city teacher for the past 14 years, I have a strong interest in finding solutions to the challenges that teachers face in managing the learning needs of our diverse students.  Six years ago, while completing my Masters work in Teacher Inquiry, I worked with my students on a project about assessment that became a project about community in the classroom.  Through that work, I learned the importance of making learning intentions and assessment practices transparent and of giving students more of a role in their learning path.  These understandings, as well as my own need to provide more diverse math instruction in my classroom, led to the development of the math program that I now use.  


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