2017 STA Convention
May 5, 2017
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Utilizing and Connecting Curriculum with ERAC's BC Digital Classroom Digital Resources

ERAC has just released a collection of over 100 starting points to connect the revised and draft curriculum to digital resources available in BC classrooms. World Book Online, EBSCO, and Gale resources give students access to over 200 000+ articles.

This hands on session will touch on the breadth of the collection; however, it will focus on the wealth of resources within the World Book and EBSCO resources.

Target Audience

3 - 7

What to bring

BYOD allows for interactivity


Kevin Amboe

Kevin Amboe is a Surrey teacher that is currently seconded to work with BC's Educational Resource Acquisition Consortium or BC ERAC.

He worked as a mentor with Simon Fraser University for over 10 years on a self-directed Pro-D in-service program for teachers. During his career, Kevin has taught in elementary, secondary, and served as a district teacher consultant supporting Information and Media Literacy (IML) for 126 sites.

Kevin believes in making learning authentic, hands on and meaningful in as many ways as possible. This belief was most often articulated by supporting teachers in developing their inquiry projects involving teaching and learning through digital storytelling. Being the risk taker and leader affords him the ability to advise, mentor, and suggest direction to his peers. He regularly models risk taking adventures such as introducing AppleTV to a room of 300 educators with devices at our Engaging the Digital Learner Dinner Series.

He has actively contributed to Professional Development opportunities for teachers for more than 15 years including serving on the CUEBC executive for 10 years, teaching 2 university courses for Pre-Service teachers, two years being the STA Convention Conference Chair organizer for over 4000 members over several sites more than 100 workshops.

Kevin continues to be passionate about sharing his learning journey of what is possible with others and has presented numerous local, regional, provincial and International conferences including CUE-BC, NECC 2009, ISTE 2010,- 2014. He is a Google Certified Teacher (2008), one of Canada?s Apple Distinguished Educators(2007) and an Apple Professional Development Trainer(2013).

01:00 pm - 02:30 pm

Seats Available