2017 STA Convention
May 5, 2017
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Folk Dance and Square Dance

Especially geared to teachers with no dance experience! 
Wendy will lead participants in this workshop to dance several dances in the Moving and Grooving Program, a BCTF and SD 36-approved teaching resource (8 CDs plus instruction manual). She will explain the use of the resource, and it will be available for a donation of $65.00 to the BC Square & Round Dance Federation. Giving teachers, especially non-dancers, the opportunity to experience the ease and fun of learning these dances is the main goal of the workshop. Once you have tried it, though your own learning may not be to the mastery level, you will know it is so much fun and so beneficial in movement education, that you will have the confidence to learn along with your students! 
Let’s give a legacy of dance to the next generation. 
Come and join the fun!

Target Audience

3 to 12


Wendy Krueger

Wendy is an LST teacher in SD 36 and has been a square dancer since 2003. In 2004 she began to offer noon-hour sessions of folk dance and square dance to students during the winter months using a teaching resource developed by square dance leaders who were also BC public school teachers. Wendy promoted this modern and user-friendly resource to the BCTF and SD 36 for approval, which was granted by both. Wendy has become an accredited square dance caller/teacher in the Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley where she calls for club dancers and private party dances. Wendy has called on the program of several provincial, national, and US square dance festivals over the past 4 years.

08:30 am - 10:00 am

Seats Available

01:00 pm - 02:30 pm

Seats Available