2017 STA Convention
May 5, 2017
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Kindling the Wonder of Nature

This workshop includes a live performance with songs, puppets and realistic animal sounds, including the great blue heron, coyote, etc. Audience participation will be encouraged!  Everyone will be invited to try the puppets and nature-inspired props.

There will be discussion of the many values gained by spending time with nature and how puppetry and song can encourage children to do so. 

Ways to disconnect from the techno-world and reconnect with nature will be discussed as well. There is significant medical evidence showing the need for children and adults to reduce screen time and connect more with nature.

Short-term outcomes of the workshop include: a fresh appreciation for the outdoors, a deeper understanding of why we all need adequate time outside and an enjoyable experience with music and nature-based puppetry.



Lillian Ireland

Rob Dramer and Lillian Ireland are educators and songwriters. Over the last few years, their focus has been composing children's songs about Canadian animals and the environment. Their songs combine with stories, facts and puppetry to kindle the wonder of nature in children of all ages. In performance, they are called The Well Worn Trail.

The lyrics blend with easy, sing-along tunes while fostering a deeper understanding of the biodiversity which surrounds us.

Lillian and Rob stay informed of provincial curriculum guidelines and update their presentations accordingly. The presentations are enhanced with over 40 realistic looking puppets. The songs are crafted with fascinating information about each animal which helps children engage while learning about the animals' lifestyles and habitats. Unique props are used, including a small beaver lodge model and instruments made from nature.

They understand the importance of encouraging children from a young age to appreciate and respect nature while using a low-tech, active participation approach.

Rob taught for 36 years in B.C. colleges. Lillian worked 16 years as a multi-skilled

Education Assistant in two school districts. In several elementary schools, Lillian and Rob guided students to write and perform collective songs about the environment. Lillian also spearheaded the making of environmental quilts in two schools with all funds going to the World Wildlife Fund.

They have been involved with the David Suzuki Foundation for many years, sharing their knowledge and working alongside other passionate environmentalists.

In both Alberta and B.C.’s Lower Mainland, they have presented in schools, libraries, community centres and special events.  The duo performed for the children of the Siksika Nation in southern Alberta bringing many smiles and encouragement while helping the children deal with the trauma from the previous year's devastating flood. They understand the significance of honouring culture. Most recently they have used their skills helping promote the Wild Salmon Caravan.

Lillian and Rob are recognized as inspiring environmental educators.  

Rob Dramer

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