2017 STA Convention
May 5, 2017
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Based on the award winning, I Can Dance_book series, this workshop explores everyday life through inclusive dance, supporting teachers in acquiring the skills to explore concepts such as colours, the outdoors, feelings, inclusion, stereotypes etc. through experiential education.

This experiential education workshop is designed to work for
children of all abilities and to enable all teachers to successfully facilitate learning through movement. Wonderful for both those teachers that are excited to bring movement to the classroom as well as those that have never used dance as an experiential learning tool before and feel anxious about working with this art form!

Dance can have the power to say what sometimes cannot be said with oral language. Participants will learn how to help children see that dance is about communication and reflecting on our experiences and learning, not about steps. We will explore how this art form can help children of all abilities and backgrounds express themselves, shift classroom dynamics, help children who are stuck in negative roles, bridge differentiated learning, and deepen critical literacy.
A major focus of the workshop is assisting teachers to learn how to create environments which support students in celebrating each other's perspectives, bridging intercultural connections and building empathy.

This workshop is offered across Canada and is one of the highest rated workshops by classroom teachers at Reading for the Love it (Canada's largest education conference in Toronto) and is so successful that the National Arts Centre of Canada now sponsors this workshop annually so that educators may learn about how to use dance as an experiential learning tool in the classroom.

Teachers will be amazed by how accessible and exciting this
innovative form of classroom learning is!

Wear comfortable clothing and be ready to move in a supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere. This is a hands-on workshop.

Target Audience

K - 8


Hannah Beach

Hannah Beach is an award winning educator and author of the I Can Dance books for children as well as the resource, I Can Dance a Better World, supporting youth in exploring social justice issues through dance theatre. Her books have been adopted by multiple school boards across Canada and are now available as French editions as well.

Founder and Director of Dandelion Dance, she facilitates in a manner that embraces all abilities, supporting children in exploring their ideas and experiences through movement and learning how to use inquiry based practices to discover their innate creativity. Hannah has extensive experience working in relationship-based practices, equity and experiential education across Canada.

A sought after key note speaker, Hannah’s work has been embraced by schools, universities, and early learning centres as a vehicle through which to help children express themselves, engage in team building and shift classroom dynamics towards a more inclusive and empathetic way of learning together.

Hannah is considered one of Canada's leading educators in the field of dance as an experiential learning tool. The National Arts Centre of Canada sponsors her workshops annually so that educators may come to learn more about this emerging field in education.

08:30 am - 10:00 am

Seats Available