2017 STA Convention
May 5, 2017
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My Inclusive Classroom: Strategies for Supporting and Teaching to the Diversity in a Classroom

Classrooms today are so diverse. There is no "typical or normal" student." The students you work with may have many different kinds of labels or developmental designations, both visible and invisible. There are basic strategies, tools, and information that can help ensure that all students can be involved, participating, valued, and experience success in learning and in social relationships. In this workshop we will consider factors that impact upon a student's success, such as medical and genetic factors, and the challenges they may face intellectually and physically. We will talk about communication and possible lack of skills they may have. We will discuss about how all these factors may impact upon their behaviour. We will explore the importance of inclusion and relationships. We will also talk about how to make changes to the curriculum, so that all students can feel included and be learning along side their peers. And we will talk about some of the challenges that all of us face in trying to support and teach students with such a multitude of different learning needs and outcomes. The workshop includes practical handouts and a resource list that is useful in supporting students with exceptional and diverse learning needs.


Barbara Laird

BARBARA LAIRD BEd. is a “retired” teacher, who has a 39 year old son Matthew, and a 32 year old daughter, Melanie. Mel has Down Syndrome. Barbara has been supporting children, parents and professionals through personal and group consulting with parents and professionals. She is involved in advocacy and support to individuals and groups and in presenting Awareness / Demystification Workshops to students in individual classrooms at all grade levels.
She has also presented workshops at conferences, for school boards, parent groups and other agencies and societies across Canada and in the United States. In August, 2006 Barbara was honored to be an oral and a poster presenter at the 9th World Down Syndrome Congress held in Vancouver, British Columbia.

08:30 am - 11:30 am

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