2017 STA Convention
May 5, 2017
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Classroom strategies for early career teachers

Beginning teachers can feel overwhelmed with the expectations and unknown requirements of teaching. During this workshop, we will touch on conflict resolution strategies, self-care, and the pros and cons of the different report card formats. There will also be time provided for questions.

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Glenys McFarlane

Glenys has been teaching for over 17 years. She has actively participated in workshops, professional associations and mentoring. With her busy family and 5 grandchildren, she is learning to find patience as she learns the sport of golf.

Marie Howton

Marie Howton has been at this a long time.  Her career highlights always include at least one of the following:  critical thinking, non-conformity, and puppet shows.  She has taught everywhere from West Vancouver to Whalley; and mothers everything that moves in between.  Perhaps most famous for emptying an entire Skytrain care while transporting a slug to work.  Marie\'s research interests include childhood trauma, therapy animals, and forest school. 

Abigel Major

Abigel Major has been teaching in Surrey for 8 years. She began her teaching career as an integration support teacher. Being a new teacher, she had to dive in with both feet to learn about the complex world of special ed. During her IST role, she found herself wanting to have a classroom of her own so she made the switch to Kindergarten and hasn’t looked back since! She has been teaching K for the last 6 years and will continue to teach this grade at Hyland Elementary until she retires in 2050… She is now learning to juggle life as a full-time working Mom to her two young children.

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