2017 STA Convention
May 5, 2017
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Raising Consciousness with Voices into Actionnewly added!

Building more inclusive communities involves students’ understanding and involvement in the world they live in – both near and far, past and present.  In this workshop, teachers will be introduced to a profoundly transformative, ERAC approved online resource which is cost-free and aligns well with the new BC Curriculum - Voices into Action.  We will broach topics of historical and contemporary hatred and discrimination to decipher what we can learn from them today – how we can truly honour everyone’s human rights. We also celebrate historical heroism to inspire students to speak out when witnessing injustices of any kind.  The powerful presentation (with videos) includes topics: Aboriginal history, islamophobia, The Holocaust, Komagata Maru, immigration and more.  Participants will leave with tools to foster profound learning experiences for their students.  Together, with heart, we can inspire them to put their Voices into Action!


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Jodi Derkson

BIO:  Jodi Derkson, M.Ed., B.Ed. UBC, B.A. McGill 

BC Regional Director of Educational Programs, FAST

Jodi is a BC Certified teacher, with over twenty years of professional teaching and facilitation experience. She has always broached topics of discrimination, racism and bullying with her students and hasn’t lost her drive to really make a difference.  Jodi is very proud to be working to support education in BC with resources and workshops to foster inclusion. She wholeheartedly believes that opening the dialogue on sensitive yet topical subjects with heart, mind and creativity can be highly transformative for students and their communities.  



08:30 am - 10:00 am

Seats Available

08:30 am - 10:00 am

Seats Available

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