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Canadian Mental Health Association



At ExploreLearning, we believe all students can have success in math and science and have fun along the way! Our award-winning online STEM teaching tool programs bring engaging and effective instructional strategies to K-12 classrooms around the world.

Gizmos - STEM Math/Science Interactive Simulations 

Science4Us – K-2 STEM with Literacy Integration 

Reflex - Math Fact Fluency – Problem solved.

Frax - Make fractions finally make sense!

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Forbidden Vancouver Walking Tours

Forbidden Vancouver Walking Tours stages walking tours and special events that celebrate Vancouver's history!


Garcie Wong Independent Norwex Consultant




JA British Columbia


About JABC

JA British Columbia is a non profit organization proud to deliver free of charge a wide selection of educational programs focusing on financial literacywork readiness and entrepreneurship

Through partnerships with educators and volunteers from local businesses, JABC offers important interactive, hands-on learning experiences to students in all communities across British Columbia.


About JA Programs

JABC's innovative programming is available both in person and virtually and includes a mix of classroom-based, self-directed and event-style capstone experiences.

JA programs align with B.C.'s new curriculum and are provided free of charge to schools in every region of B.C. thanks to the generosity of JABC donors and sponsors.

Visit jabc.ca for each program's downloadable program info sheet and curriculum match sheet. JABC is pleased to deliver printed materials to your classroom or provide all resources digitally.


For high school programs contact Cheryl.Borgmann@jabc.org

For elementary school programs contact Glenn.Dodge@jabc.org

For capstone experiences contact Jason.Ranchoux@jabc.org



Legal Aid BC

Legal Aid BC offers free publications, legally reviewed and edited for plain language. Teachers can use these resources to inform students about the legal system in BC, and to let them know about their legal rights. These publications also let people know about resources that exist to help with a legal issue, whether that be legal information, legal aid, or community organizations. Publications cover legal issues such as separation and divorce, abuse & family violence (including online safety), child protection, and Indigenous legal issues such as Gladue rights, First Nations Court & harvesting rights.


Ministry of Child and Family Development

The Ministry of Child and Family Development and Metis Family Services are looking for caregivers for children in Foster care. Right now, there are many children and youth across BC who need loving, supportive foster families to provide a safe place when they cannot live at home. You could be just what they need to succeed. Find out more information today to see if this might be a good fit for you and your family. 

Contact a recruitment worker to set up an information session:

Courtney Saxbee - courtney.saxbee@gov.bc.ca 604-209-2681

Donna Schachtel - donna.schachtel@gov.bc.ca 778-609-2144


Museum of Surrey

School Programs

Our popular school programs are back! Teachers and homeschoolers alike are invited to sign up for both onsite and offsite school programs. The digital programs introduced last school year will continue to be offered, conveniently containing programming on a flash drive with craft supplies included. View the printable brochure

  • School Programs: $94.80
  • Digital School Programs: $51.60

Archaeology of Ancient Cultures (Grade 7)

Learn the basics of archaeological practices and analysis of primary source evidence with hands-on replicas. This program includes a DIY Mesopotamian clay cuneiform tablet lesson and a simulated Egyptian archaeological dig.  

Christmas Long Ago (K to 4)

Sleigh bells jingling and carols sung around the fireplace; children experience how early settlers celebrated the holidays in Surrey long ago. Our 1870’s cabin decorated for an old-time Christmas, handle real artifacts and make traditional decorations to put on your tree.? 

Exploring Canadian Government (Grade 5 to 6)

Students will learn the history of the 1881 Town Hall while learning about the different levels of Government and their responsibilities, Canada’s political parties and the election process. Students will also participate in a class election in the 1881 Town Hall with campaigning and voting.

Feature Gallery Programs

A school program created for an exhibit in the Feature Gallery. This program will be available for all elementary grades and will include a guided tour through the exhibit, breakout learning and activities. The exhibit program for the 2021/2022 year is Bees! This is a collaboration between the Museum and the Surrey Honeybee Centre and will be available between October – December. 

Growing Surrey (Grade 3 to 4)

Surrey has experienced many changes on its way to being the city we know today.?Compare the lives of both Indigenous peoples and early Surrey settlers to our lives today when you explore an1870’s cabin, discuss how natural resources were used in the Surrey Stories Gallery, and try your hand at weaving on a loom as you discuss clothing and textiles in the Textile Centre.

Homestead to High-rise (K to Grade 2)

Food, transportation, access to emergency services and getting an education – all were fundamental needs in an early settler community.?As students handle artifacts and use replica toys, they relate settler experiences in a growing community with contemporary living in Surrey.  

Métis: The Flower Beadwork People (Grade 3 to 4)

Explore the Métis culture and learn how this distinct nation joins European and Indigenous traditions to create a unique set of values, language, music, dance and art.? Students will handle Métis artifacts, recreate a buffalo hunt, and dance a Métis jig.

School Memories (Grade 5 to 6)

Learn what school was like in the 1930s. Explore the restored Anniedale school and discuss how education was different here compared to the Residential Schools of the time. Role play, the three “R’s”, and of course recess are all included.

Simple Machines (Grade 5)

Get hands-on exploring six simple machines: pulley, lever, wheel-and-axle, inclined plane, screw and wedge.?Students handle artifacts, build models, work through a scavenger hunt in the Surrey Stories gallery, and create a catapult to take home. 

Wartime Christmas (Grade 5 to 6)

Discover how families maintained the Christmas spirit during World War II when rations, homemade gifts and absent family members were a reality.?Students participate in a wartime holiday story, practice sugar rationing, and make Christmas crafts to take home.  

Rentable Edukits

Created specifically for delivery by teachers, edukits may contain hands on artifacts and archival materials, including photographs, newspaper articles, letters, clothing, toys and more. They also include a comprehensive teacher package of suggested activities.

Packaged in a convenient suitcase, they are available on three-week loan with enough content to fill the duration of the rental. Once Edukits are returned, the suitcase and its contents will then be disinfected before the Edukit is rented again. Cost: $53.00.

A Year at Cloverdale Elementary (K to Grade 4)

Students follow the lives of three real children during the 1910–1911 school year, and discover what life was like in Surrey’s old city center more than a hundred years ago through touchable artifacts and an original story book.

Family Treasures (Grades 4 to 6)

After examining documents and objects associated with two settler families, students will then explore their own cultural heritage as they identify, research, display and present an item of personal significance; learning what their personal objects tell themselves and others about their cultural background.

Surrey's Home Front (Grades 9 to 11)

Students interpret archival documents and artifacts to explore the lives of seven people of varied genders, ages, and ethnic backgrounds who lived in Surrey during WWI. The Komagata Maru incident and German internment—just a few issues this kit covers.

Surrey’s Punjabi Community (K to Grade 5)

Created in collaboration with members of Surrey’s Punjabi community, this kit will explore aspects of history, immigration, arts, music, language, food, clothing, celebrations, stories, and Surrey residents.  An excellent way to learn more about the diversity of our neighbours’ culture. 

How to Book Programs and Edukits

Call 604-592-6954 to register for a program.

Contact Tommy Cheung, Education Specialist, at Tommy.Cheung@surrey.ca for inquiries and to book Edukits.



Nelson is Canada's leading K-12 educational published and we have remained dedicated to our legacy of looking forward for over a century. Our commitment to the individualized needs of students, teachers, and administrators continues to fuel our innovation as an educational partner. In 2017, these efforts manifested in Edwin, Nelson's revolutionary digital platform that provides a common experience for deep, trusted content and boundless learning pathways. Nelson's visionary digital transformation embodies our promise of equitable, inclusive, and engaging experiences for all teachers and students.


Pacific Museum of Earth


Patricia E. Bailey - Author

For 45 years, Patricia Bailey worked as an early childhood educator, special education assistant, tutor, academic strategist, and interventionist. She taught language arts and literature for early childhood educators at Langara College in British Columbia, and presented workshops at conferences and schools, sharing the importance of communication to being fully involved in life. She was a guest speaker at special education assistant program presenting, "S.E.A. and the Teacher as a Team", as well as her experience as an education assistant and "Behaviour and the Special Needs Child." 

 Being an introvert and a highly sensitive person, Patricia picks up on the nuances of non-verbal communication. She is able to connect with and speak for children because of her own life experiences. Having an anxiety and depression disorder helps her understand the students’ difficulties and respect their needs.

Patricia lives in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, with her husband of 47 years. She has one daughter and three grandsons (one with diverse abilities). She considers herself young at 70 years old. There's still a world of possibilities to explore.


Peace Arch Hospice Society

Peace Arch Hospice Society is a volunteer-based organization that is dedicated to supporting all who are facing the end-of-life journey and those who are grieving, as well as educating the community on dying and grieving.

Our Society provides professional palliative and grief support programs and services, free of charge, to residents of South Surrey and White Rock - inclusive of all cultures, faiths, and beliefs - who are facing terminal illness or bereavement. Key services include individual and family counselling, grief support groups, relaxation sessions, mindfulness meditation, and more.


Port of Vancouver: Vancouver Fraser Port Authority

FREE virtual field trip from the Port of Vancouver for grades 4-6

Book part 1 and 2 of a virtual field to learn more about the Port of Vancouver. This is a free and interactive field trip hosted by our community outreach coordinator on MS Teams or Zoom. 

We offer a specialized education program specifically designed to support grade 4-6 students curriculum guidelines, as outlined by the British Columbia Ministry of Education. It is also suitable for split classes for grades 3/4 or 6/7.

Designed to build on students’ awareness of the importance of trade in our lives and the role of the Port of Vancouver in facilitating trade, this program covers:

* what a port is
* the five business sectors at the port
* imports, exports and international trade
* what makes our port a sustainable one

In addition to the formal program, we also have online learning resources and activities available for classrooms related to the presentation, such as quizzes, word searches, crossword puzzles, supplemental videos, map and Kahoot activities.

Part 1: 60 minute presentation (intro to the port and five business sectors)
Part 2: 60 minute presentation (sustainability, imports/exports, international trade, occupations and review)

Book this free virtual field trip using our booking calendar: https://outlook.office365.com/owa/calendar/EducationPortofVancouver@portvancouver.com/bookings/

**We look forward to welcoming classes for in-person presentations at the Port of Vancouver Discovery Centre in September. 


Portage & Main Press | HighWater Press

Welcome to Our Booth!



Independent, Canadian, and woman-owned since 1967. Visit our website for innovative and practical educational resources, award-winning stories by Indigenous writers, as well as books and teacher guides for K–12.



Download here>  https://www.portageandmainpress.com/About/Seasonal-Catalogues






Power Smart for Schools

Fun for students, reliable for teachers

We all learn in different ways, but we learn best when we're engaged and having fun. Our goal is to create activities and lessons that teachers can trust and students enjoy.

From interactive videos to hands-on activities, our K-12 resources are aligned to the B.C. curriculum. They're easy to access, ready to go, and completely free.

To learn more visit us at schools.bchydro.com.


Provincial Intermediate and Middle Years Teachers Association

Welcome to the myPITA booth!

myPITA is the Provincial Intermediate and Middle Years Teachers' Association, one of 32 Provincial Specialist Associations that operate as autonomous bodies under the BCTF umbrella. Our mandate is to provide teachers in BC with support regarding Professional Development and to provide political advocacy within the BCTF and with external bodies.

We are best known for our Fall Conference on the October PSA day, as well as our Spring mini-conference each year, but we also have a website with many different resources to support teachers and we are vocal members of several BCTF committees that support the BCTF's work with the Ministry of Education. We have been active in providing feedback to the Ministry regarding Remote Learning during COVID, on the new Reporting Order, and, as a member of the PSA Council, we regularly provide feedback to the BCTF Executive Committee on concerns regarding our specific membership.

This past year, we have also hosted online support and resource share sessions for Core French teachers, teachers who were looking to implement Assessment Portfolios in their practice, and also a Voice Health workshop.


Scholastic Education

Scholastic Education offers blended and digital classroom resources in literacy, math, science, social studies, and French. We are committed to supporting teachers in their instruction in-person, virtually, or in a hybrid/blended learning model.


Surrey Teachers' Association - Accommodations

Surrey Teachers' Association has a full time Accommodation Services Officer.  Dana Neidig works to support members with a specific portfolio supporting leaves for:

• Support members with sick leaves and medical leaves (liaise with district, BCTF, WorkSafeBC; advise on Salary Indemnity Plan and disability issues; work-hardening plans; gradual return to work plans; workplace accommodations; WorkSafeBC claims and appeals)

• Support members with non-medical leaves (Compassionate Care Leave, Bereavement Leave, Pregnancy/Parental Leave, Parenthood Leave, personal leaves)

Based on the Human Rights,  Employers have the responsibility to make accommodations for employees this is called the 'Duty to Accommodate'  This can take the form of reasonable adjustments to your workspace as well as your work.

If you need to take a medical leave that will extend beyond the number of sick days you have available, you may have access to the Salary Indemnity Plan that we contribute to monthly.


 As a member organization of the BCTF you also have access to Starling Minds and the BCTF Health and Wellness program.  The Surrey School District and you as a Surrey Teacher contribute to the Employee Family Assistance Program as well.

 In addition to supporting Accommodations, the Accommodations Officer portfolio includes:

•  Represent members in investigations

• Monthly meetings with Health Services and BCTF Health & Wellness

• Liaise with STA Health & Safety Committee

• Represent STA on the EFAP Committee

• District Violence Prevention Committee

• Organize EI meeting


Surrey Teachers' Association - Peer Mediation Service

Experiencing conflict at work? Are you having a difficult time working with a colleague? Are you having trouble communicating in your professional life? Are you feeling frustrated, vulnerable? Is a working relationship breaking down? Are you avoiding interacting with a colleague? Are you feeling uncomfortable to resolve an issue without support?


Surrey Teachers' Association Peer Support Service

Teachers may from time to time in their career find themselves struggling—with new grades/subjects, extremely challenging students, personal health issues, etc. There is help available to teachers if they feel they need some extra support. Peer consultants will offer support in a non-directive and a non-judgmental environment. It is confidential and free of charge.  Working with the support of the district, we have 3 full time teachers and 20 volunteer Peer Support Consultants.


Surrey Teachers' Association Professional Development

The Professional Development Officer works full time released to support members.  Core aspects of the portfolio include supporting the Professional Development Committee, Convention Committee, and taking the lead on Job Shares.  

Surrey Teachers' Local Specialist Associations

  • L.S.A. stands for Local Specialist Association.  An L.S.A. is a local organization of teachers or specialists within a school district who teach in a common subject area or grade level (i.e.   Secondary English, Primary, Teacher Librarians etc.).  
  • LSAs differ from a Chapter of a Provincial Specialist Association (PSA). LSAs are governed and managed by the local union in a school district, whereas Chapters are governed by the parent PSA.
  • Similar to other committees of the STA, LSAs follow the guidelines, policies, and procedures of the association.


The Elementary Woodshop is excited to join you at SURREY TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION convention with our woodworking program for elementary classrooms.  Woodworking kits with lessons expose students to a fun and engaging hands-on learning experience while students are introduced to trade careers at an early age.  This program is designed for teachers and students with no woodworking experience.  Visit www.theelementarywoodshop.ca and visit our YOUTUBE channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC79NLTKeCpN0lWZj1INxhuw for instructional videos! You are ALWAYS welcome to contact us directly with your questions - we are here to help!

With our classroom woodworking kits and workbooks, students learn about trade careers and each project is linked to Aboriginal Perspectives and Knowledge. Our workbooks for the Grade 5, 6 and 7 projects are also available in French.

Teachers are supported in presenting a well designed program that addresses curriculum requirements for ADST (Applied Design, Skills and Technologies).

ITA (Industry Training Authority of BC) supports our efforts to introduce trade careers to elementary students. They have  approved this woodworking program for their "Youth Discover the Trades" grant. Funding may be available for school districts to purchase this woodworking program. Contact ITA for more information https://youth.itabc.ca/contact/




United Library Services

We are a Canadian Book Wholesaler and Jobber that offers:

  • New and backlist paperbacks, hardcovers and audio titles for all ages
  • Competitive discounts
  • Starter collections for new libraries
  • Collection Development Services
  • Seasonal catalogues and specialized lists
  • Classroom Collections
  • Novel Studies Sets
  • Curriculum Support
  • In-house customized cataloguing & processing
  • GearPicks Pack Subscription Service
  • and much more!