Connecting the Dots - Elementary Domino Math Games

Come prepared to play games that use double-six dominoes that teach the following concepts: subitizing, patterning, operational fluency, place value, graphing, multi-digit operations, make ten, fractions and mental math strateiges.  This manipulative is easy to use and socially distance and is perfect for centers, small group or whole class instruction, home practice and family math game nights.  This workshop will show you the powerful math connections that can be made with this student favorite manipulative.  Handout will contain gameboards, ideas for management, concept skill checklists for immediate use.  COME PREPARED TO PLAY - BRING A SET OF DOUBLE-SIX DOMINOES. 

Target Audience


To Bring/Important Notes

Participants will need to bring along a set of double-six dominoes and a print off of the PDF handout in order to play along during this workshop. 


1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
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