Encouraging Entrepreneurial Spirit within Students


Curious on how to help your students take the next steps in their community or school involvement? Interested in how you can help your students start school clubs, spearhead initiatives, or get more creative in their leadership endeavours? Participates will leave this workshop with the ability to navigate any student of any age through exactly these situations. Participates will discover how to encourage, support and mentor students effectively. Through this workshop, participants will be provided with appel amounts of resources, opportunities, and enrichment programs to further student development.


Target Audience

All Grades K-12


10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

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12:30 PM - 2:00 PM

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  • Roger Blenman

    Roger Blenman brings 25 years of teaching experience to this presentation. He is currently focused on science education, mathematics, and leadership at the secondary level. His professional interests include mentoring social responsibility, alternative educational models, educational travel, and social justice. Roger is a published author, coach and vlogger.

  • Anjali Dhaliwal

    Anjali Dhaliwal is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, mental health advocate, musician, and senior student at Queen Elizabeth Secondary. Through the Inter-A Leadership Program, she founded the program's first-ever Yearbook Committee 3 years ago, is President of several school clubs and was an integral part of fundraising $100,000 for local hospitals.  In 2019, she single-handedly established a nation-wide non-profit organization called Youth Helping Youth (YHY). YHY's mission is supporting disenfranchised youth in low-income communities by providing opportunities and initiates events that don't currently exist in the community. Within the last year, YHY has reached over 700 youth in-person and over 20,000 weekly through social media. This fall, the Top 25 Under 25 Award Recipient plans to attend Simon Fraser University, studying for a Bachelors's degree in Business Administration.