The ABC's of Social Skill Development & Behaviours

     The key focus of The ABC’s Social Skill Development workshop is to look at behaviours and social skills through a therapeutic, philosophical lens. How a child interacts with others will determine how they fit into the world and by the development of their social skills they will be given the strategies to thrive.   The participant of the workshop will leave with hands on activities and a toolbox of ideas that they can bring to their classrooms. Through discussion based on Best Practice and theory, Patricia Dunphy will identify and unpack social skills, with the intention to parallel curriculum. Patricia has broken down social skills into several domains, which include:

A - Self Awareness – self-confidence self-regulation

B-  Behaviours – motive

C - Climate of the classroom

       Communication skills, nonverbal and listening skills.

       Cooperative and Teambuilding skills

Interactive activities

Ideas to take home to your toolbox.

Brainstorming, problem solving scenario discussions.

Ms. Dunphy uses power point and discussion. The workshop can be in webinar format or hands on.

Target Audience


To Bring/Important Notes

Please bring writing materials, colouring pensils or crayon and at least 2 pieces of paper, perferable large paper. 


10:50 AM - 2:30 PM
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  • Patricia Dunphy

         Patricia Dunphy is an artist, writer, and musician, as well as facilitator and instructor.  Her education and work experience have given her a different perspective and philosophy regarding social skill development. Patricia’s credentials include,  a Bachelor of Child and Youth Care from UVic, an Associate Arts Diploma  and credits in Theatre Arts from Island U. For the past forty years, Patricia has specialized in advocacy for children, youth and adults that were emotionally unstable or dealing with mental health or concurrent disorders. For 30 years in education, she guided children and youth to improve their social skills with individuals, groups, and whole class activities. Ms. Dunphy also comes to the table with an extensive work history employed with many nonprofits including work on the downtown Eastside of Vancouver.