The Modern Day Predator

Sexual exploitation is an ever growing epidemic amongst Canadian children and youth and encompasses a number of child and youth related issues including: grooming by various exploiters, online and social media grooming, sexting, sextortion, peer exploitation.


Our Pro-D presentation on The Modern Day Predator provides a new vantage point to the various types of exploitation that children and youth may experience, including grooming by various exploiters, social media predation, strategies, and risks, as well as peer pressure specifically with regards to sexual exploitation. It will discuss online and in person facilitated sexual exploitation while explaining the modern day predator. 
Paired with this education will be strategies and tools that educatiors can use and be aware of in spotting vulnerable students and helping keep them safe. 

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1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
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  • Sexual Exploitation Education
    Tiana Sharifi

    A national expert in the field of anti-human trafficking and sexual exploitation, and a finalist for BC Business' "Women of the Year", Tiana created SEE to address the gaps in services and provide a dynamic approach with the issue of sexual exploitation.  

    Using her background in Psychology and Counselling, in addition to her expertise in this field, she has worked effortlessly and with intention to incorporate her knowledge from both spheres into a successfully new approach to prevention on this prevalent matter.  

    Tiana's prevention programs are the first in Canada to address this topic by focusing specifically on the root issues versus simply providing basic awareness and knowledge. Her student presentations have been strategically developed for a real shift in perspective in youth, alongside providing tools to address issues like consent, healthy boundaries, and grooming- both online and in person.  

    Since its inception, SEE has been a leading agency in this field, being called upon for research, pro-d keynotes, international conference presentations, nation-wide law enforcement trainings, and non profit consulting.   

    SEE is also proud to introduce the very first prevention education app, the SEE-App!