Training the Brain - Wellness and The Learning Experience

Where your attention goes your destiny will follow. “Shaping the minds of students” is not a metaphorical mantra, it is a literal one. For some, learning will nurture attachments to bravery, resiliency and joy. For others, it will be anxiety, shame, isolation or self-doubt. Teachers will leave inspired and hopeful with a new perspective and the tools they need to immediately implement effective daily strategies. Rewire neural connections for healthier happier students and teachers.

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10:50 AM - 12:20 PM

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  • Pinetree Secondary Douglas College SPSC
    Bill Adair

    Teacher and Author of “The Emotionally Connected Classroom- Wellness and the Learning Experience”. His book and innovative teaching model respond to growing anxiety, low resiliency, and motivational challenges in classrooms. Bill teaches PHE at Pinetree Secondary and instructs post grad at Douglas College specializing in Physical Literacy SEL. Alongside his wife Shelley, he regularly presents at PDP programs, conference workshops, specialized schools and PAC groups in an effort to reduce the emotional challenges children face.

  • Adair Educational Consulting/ Dominion Lending
    Shelley Adair

     Shelley is a mother and mortgage broker living in Port Coquitlam. Anxiety challenges in her own family have inspired her to passionately share in presentations with her husband Bill in an effort to make the lives of children and their parents better.