Practical planning tips for new teachers - Creating fun, engaging and meaningful lessons, units and projects

How do you make students intrinsically motivated to not only come to class, but to actively engage and participate? This workshop will attempt to answer this dilemma, by demonstrating practical real life examples of how to create fun, engaging and relevant lessons. We will also examine the goals / 'big ideas' of the new curriculum, and how to effectively incorporate them. Although the workshop is primarily Social Studies focused, the information provided can easily be implemented cross curricular. The format is both a presentation and an opportunity to collaborate with other new teachers. Samples of successful past projects will be provided, including access to a digital drive of resources teachers are welcome to integrate into their own classes. 

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11:45 AM - 1:15 PM
Room E401
Sullivan Heights Secondary School

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  • Johnston Heights
    Andrew Aikenhead

    Longtime Surrey Social Studies teacher with 18 years experience. Focus on Law Studies 12, History 12, Comparative Cultures 12, Psychology 12, and Socials 8 - 11. IB/MYP/DP certified. Big fan of the new curriculum.