ABED "Semiahmoo First Nation History & Governance"

BC’s redesigned curriculum currently mandates that all teachers working in the province infuse Aboriginal worldviews & perspectives into their curriculum.  Along with the Aboriginal worldviews & perspectives,  came recommendations to focus on local, place-based education, language and culture, the power of story, traditional teaching, experiential learning, Identity,  awareness of history, engagement with the land, etc.

 With all of these relatively new ways of thinking and doing, many BC’s teachers voiced their concerns that more resources to help them were needed but as soon would be discovered, local Indigenous resources were not always within reach. If you are wanting to learn more about local First Nations history, governance,  and many, many more of the above-mentioned words and concepts, then this session on the history of Semiahmoo First Nation, facilitated by Chief Harley Chappell, is for you.

Registering in this fascinating session, you will experience Indigenous pedagogy at its finest, done not by a PowerPoint or “chalk and talk” presentation, but by the traditional pedagogy of the Semiahmoo First Nation: storytelling. If you wish to learn more about local Surrey history, more specifically, more about the Semiahmoo First Nation and their local history, register in this workshop.



Target Audience

All Grades K-12


10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

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  • Chief Harley Chappell