Teaching to Cultural Diversity in Elementary

Curious about how to address race and cultural diversity in your elementary classroom? Join us as we surface important concepts related to racial equity through scanning for and teaching to diversity. We will explore race as a social construct, how to navigate complexities, and the importance of naming identity markers. We will also facilitate a “Who am I?” activity focused on centering and celebrating intersectional identities that can be implemented early in the new school year to provide a foundation for belonging and inclusion in your classroom community. This will be an interactive session, please be prepared to participate in activities and discussions. 

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10:50 AM - 2:30 PM

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  • Surrey Schools - District Helping Teacher
    Nicole Curtis

    Nicole Curtis has worked in the Surrey School District for 11 years, teaching elementary and secondary alternative programming. She currently works as the Inclusive Helping Teacher focussed on SOGI & Anti-Racism. 

  • Surrey Schools - District Helping Teacher
    Lily Kamarn

    Lily Kamarn has worked in the Surrey School District for 16 years. She has worked on the BC Curriculum team, the BCTF Teacher Inquiry Program and Mentor36 Advisory Team, and currently works the International Languages Helping Teacher (Core & Intensive French, Spanish, Punjabi & Japanese).