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During this workshop, participants will learn about FIELD Kits, the "Woodland Wonders" programs. The format of the workshop will include an introduction of myself, explain what FIELD Kits are and how the work, the benefits for both teachers and students, as well, explain the program's hands-on experiences and activities. If in-person, we will rotate through each station for you to discover and explore for yourselves. Your participation would be most appreciated. 

FIELD Kits are Friendly, Interactive, Engaging, Learning, Discovery kits that connect students to nature while providing a lesson plan, tactile components, indoor and outdoor activities, all requiring little to no volunteer support, and easing preparation work for teachers. Kits are rented out a week at a time to share within a school. FIELD Kit's mission is to connect children to nature. 


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1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
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  • FIELD Kits
    Kenzie Field

    Biography Kenzie Field is the Founder and Operator of FIELD Kits. She is very passionate about the environment and enlightening our youth on environmental issues, concepts, and critical thinking skills. Her passion for the environment extends back to her early childhood. She remembers always being outside, wind in her hair and wonder in her eyes. Kenzie's objective is to provide FIELD Kits as an alternate resource for teachers to lighten their extensive curriculum content and reduce their stress for volunteer help. As well, engage students with hands-on or bio-fact pieces that they can connect with personally and, therefore, understand further when exposed to these concepts, animals, and or plants outside their school environment. Kenzie is very passionate about children having the opportunity to connect with nature, and this is the reason WHY she has created FIELD Kits. She believes if children are exposed to the incredible natural world, as she was, children's hearts will be more inclined to share their experiences and passion with other children. More importantly, they are willing to help protect it.