DELF: A Positive Student Experience

The DELF exam has become an important rite of passage for many students in Surrey, but with the excitement of its arrival often comes student stress and the idea that time must be dedicated to "DELF prep." The workshop hopes to demonstrate that, in reality, every year of a student's journey through French is preparation for potential DELF certification.

Whether you teach Core French, Intensive French, or FRIMM, this workshop will offer strategies, ideas, and first-hand experience that will help frame the DELF exam as a positive learning experience for both students and teachers. This workshop will include practical classroom activities for Grades 8-12 with the goal of demonstrating how this French competency assessment complements what’s already happening in Surrey classrooms. 

This workshop will be offered in English with examples in French. Bilingual discussion and questions are welcome.

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1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Room E304
Sullivan Heights Secondary School

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  • North Surrey Secondary School
    Ashley MacKenzie

    Ashley MacKenzie is a Core and Intensive French teacher at North Surrey Secondary. In addition to spending her days at NSS, she visits schools throughout the district as a DELF examiner each spring and fall.