Meeting the needs of all students through smart learning spaces


Many of us may have a special spot at home that helps us hit the reset button. For Michael, that spot is the “cozy corner” in his local elementary school classroom. Through smart learning design, Michael is able to cut out distractions and calmly stay focused on the work in front of him. How a classroom is designed can have a big effect on how well all students – but especially those with special needs – are able to focus and learn in that environment. In this workshop session, leaders from CDI share how smart classroom design can help improve student learning and engagement and share the future of the student-centered classroom.

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11:45 AM - 1:15 PM
Room E417
Sullivan Heights Secondary School

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    Craig Ward

    My passion is creating spaces that facilitate the best learning experience possible!

    Every individual learns differently, and by relying on my 13 years of experience in furnishing educational spaces, I will help you enable every learner to reach their full potential. I do this by creating a Student Centered Classroom, which is "an inclusive learning environment that balances the needs of each student’s personal learning style, recognizes individual communication styles, and supports flexible teaching styles for the educator.” This is how we engage every learner in every space.