Intermediate Integrated Resource Unit on Mining

This workshop introduces a teacher-written, thematically integrated resource unit for intermediate students (Intermediate Integrated Resource Unit on Mining) that uses rocks, minerals, and mining as topics to teach learning concepts in socials studies, science, math, language arts, career education and more. The session will cover an introduction to rocks and minerals, the rock cycle, BC’s mineral resources and mining communities, how ore deposits are discovered and mined, how mineral resources are used, mining careers, and mining and the environment.

Participants will receive a comprehensive resource unit kit: a 350p. binder, supportive print (books, posters, activity books, folios, et al) and AV materials, and rock and mineral samples.

The workshop has two parts: 1) an introduction to geology and the mining process; 2) a review of the lessons and activities in the binder, sharing teaching ideas and trying select activities, and becoming familiar all the resource unit kit materials.

Target Audience


To Bring/Important Notes

To participate in this workshop you will need to purchase a resource unit kit for $50 (see link below). Resource Unit kit will be mailed to participants prior to the session. Rocks and minerals from the kit will be used during the session to demonstrate how to identify rocks and minerals. 

Intermediate Integrated Resource Unit on Mining Eventbrite link

***Note: the cost for resource kits are not eligible for reimbursement from ProD funds***



10:50 AM - 2:30 PM

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  • MineralsEd
    Andrea Eisler

    Andrea Eisler is an intermediate specialist, recently retired from teaching at Inman Elementary in Burnaby. Also a partner-teacher with MineralsEd, Andrea has been presenting Pro-D workshops with MineralsEd for nearly 20 years. Over the years she has also provided guidance on all MineralsEd resources and initiatives for intermediate students and was a contributor to the development of MineralsEd's Grade 7/8 Earth Sciences Resource Unit.

    Her other current role with MineralsEd, a non-profit educational organization that is dedicated to encouraging and supporting Earth science, mineral resources and mining education in BC schools, has been to deliver Virtual Junior Geologist, a 1.5hr classroom workshop for intermediate students that complements and supports MineralsEd’s intermediate resource unit for teachers.

  • MineralsEd
    Jason Courneyea

    Raised in Peterborough, Ontario, Jason brings fourteen years of experience in mineral exploration, working on projects ranging from grassroots exploration to active mine sites in many parts of Canada. He provides geology instruction at MineralsEd's teacher workshops and is involved in all other aspects of MineralsEd program development and delivery. His long-time affiliation with industry and passion for education provides a strong background for understanding both the world of education and the BC broad-based mining community.