Writing 101

Writing is hard. Teaching is harder. Teaching writing is the hardest! Whether you teach English language arts or simply want to support students with their writing in your content area, this session will help by focusing on the fundamentals of writing instruction. We’ll look at some of the significant challenges and lay out foundational principles that will help you and your students succeed. Finally, we’ll walk through real-life examples that illustrate these principles in action, equipping you to translate theory into action in your own classroom.

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1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

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    Robin Pawlak

    An English language arts teacher for 31 years in Alberta, Robin retired in 2016. He has since authored two novels for children. He enjoys the calm, quiet life of a writer, but also nips out of his office as often as possible to venture back into the world of education, having shared his expertise with thousands of teachers at conventions over the past 7 years. And of course he loves visiting schools regularly to get some inspiration from some of his favourite people—his young readers.