Attention all worry-warts! Learn this simple 3 step process to regaining control of your worries

The world these days can feel pretty out of control. If you are someone who struggles to keep your swirling thoughts at bay- THIS is the workshop for you!

Neuroscience has proven that YOU are in change of your thoughts – but how?? Come join me in this experiential workshop and find out!

I will guide you through an exercise to purge, process & redirect your energy so that you can quiet your mind, your heart & your worries.   

By the end of this workshop, you will leave feeling freer and less anxious than you have in a long time with an action plan you can easily follow from home. Come join me and let's take some of the weight of the world off your shoulders :)

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To Bring/Important Notes

I use this guided workbook in my workshop, so please print your own workbook at home or bring a notebook & pen to follow along.


1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Room B201
Sullivan Heights Secondary School

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  • Next Chapter Coach
    Christianne Zurowski

    My name is Christianne Zurowski and I am a former surrey secondary teacher of over 15 years. Six years ago I walked away from my much-loved classroom to go back to school and start a new path. After having my son, I was committed to finding better work-life balance, and so I become an Internationally Certified Organizational Coach. Now I get to spend my days with my 1-1 clients and my own online group-coaching program as well as give wellness workshops to various organizations. 


    My new roll is much like my teaching roll in that I still get to develop people’s strengths and empower them to make positive change. What I love most is helping people on the precipice of change- that sweet spot where you are at a fork-in-the-road and don’t know which way to go. I love this angsty period of transition and helping people connect inwards to find their answers. Now, instead of getting kids to graduation, I get to help people enter their NEXT CHAPTER in life with more confidence, more clarity & more ease.