THINKING THROUGH MATH! How to activate Tacit knowledge through developing a questioning construct in your students.

Each year or two I survey students and start diving in some of the current research to design my next experiment on how to improve my teaching for the current students I have.  This year, I have launched into a hunch I had after a long conversation with a brilliant Social Studies teacher I work with.  “How do you teach source based analysis so quickly?” I asked.  “Three Steps: 1) What do you see? 2) What do you think? 3) What do you wonder?”.  I have spent years simplifying rules to a point where students have everything they need on an index card for each unit… but still they hesitate to use the tool.  Why?  They don’t know the question to ask to initiate the task.  Come and experience the how and why I foster students to see math and think through the steps to enhance retention and independence.  It’s not perfect yet, but it’s pretty exciting what I am seeing. 

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10:50 AM - 12:20 PM

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  • Calgary Board of Education
    Paul Marlett

    Paul is a purebred teacher, he is a maverick in education with a unique approach to teaching and learning.  Teaching grades 1 to 12, all subject matters, and 10 years with the Blended Homeschooling program, he has some unique insights into students and accelerating student progress.  He is a storyteller who tries to find humour in every failure or experience.