AB ED Historical Experience in the Traditional Territory of the Squamish Nation - Stanley Park Teaching Tour

-The stories and history of Stanley Park prior to contact

-Information shared and how to use in your lessons

-Identifying ones owns knowledge and development and room for growth of the histroy

-Sharing challenges in taking on this work of implementing Indigenous Education

-Each participant can share what they've learned, what they will take away and where they will go from here. 

-Be able to sit in the uncomfortableness in the conversations we will be having. 

Target Audience



$ 7.50
Pay at the park
Parking for 2 hours at the park

To Bring/Important Notes

Good walking shoes, prepare for rain or shine. Use a backpack if possible, we will be walking approximately 4 km, or participants can drive from location to location. We will start at 3rd beach and end the tour at Deadman's Island/totem poles area


11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Third Beach, 7501 Stanley Park Dr

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This workshops is held offsite at Third Beach, 7501 Stanley Park Dr - - Vancouver, British Columbia - V6G 1Z4 - Canada


  • Kenneith Gordon Maplewood School/MAHS
    Spelexílh, Anjeanette Dawson

    Ha7lh skwayel, good day, my ancestral name is Spelexílh, my english name is Anjeanette Dawson I am from the Squamish Nation.

     I have been employed in the field of Indigenous Education for 35 years. I am a spiritual and cultural person, I support and help out my community with thier traditional work. 

    I was employed with the Squamish Nation Education Department for 22 years before accepting the position of Counselor/Indigneous Specialist at Kenneth Gordon Maplewood School. I facilitate workshops in the areas of Indigenous Education, Pre-contact, Residential School. traditional wool weaving and Teaching Teachers How to Be "Teachers" from and Indigenous Worldview. I support teachers in indigenizing thier materials and lessons. Before showing students and staff how to make a wool woven quarter bag, I share a pre-contact teaching kit filled with hides, furs, cedar prepped at different stages, mountain goat wool, and pieces made from wool and cedar. I have facilitated the wool weaving workshop with students from Kindergarten to grade 12, at professional development days all over the lower mainland. I am working with the Independent Schools Association and the Canadian Accreditation Of Independent Schools in the areas of knwoing who we are and where we come from. Also, What a Good Leader Looks Like, and how to bring culture into your school and classroom. 

    I am deeply rooted in pedagogical practice in the cultural teachings and I carry as a Skwxwú7mesh knowledgeholder, educator and traditional wool-weaver. Strengthened by a Masters of Education in world-views in contemporary public education and provincial curriculum. Adding to my network the ISABC Organization and CAIS.