Dance & Mental Health

Bring your P.E. program to life with dances designed to create positive mental health and develop fundamental movement skills! Positive mental health requires students to have a positive sense of self, spirit and belonging. Movement is a powerful tool to help prevent and alleviate stress as well as boost our bodies and our moods. In this interACTIVE workshop, you’ll gain a better understanding of mental health and the factors that affect it. Get ready to experience practical dances that use purposefully designed movement to promote and foster positive mental health, by addressing the cognitive, social, physical and emotional domains of wellbeing.

Target Audience


To Bring/Important Notes

  1. Athletic wear (i.e. running shoes)
  2. Waterbottle
  3. Notebook/Pen (optional)


11:45 AM - 1:15 PM
Room B008 dance studio
Sullivan Heights Secondary School

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  • Trusted Path Collective Ltd. (DBA PL3Y Education BC)
    Tanya Parker

    Tanya Parker is a former collegiate athlete in softball who recognizes that her strength, passion, purpose and belief in one's self started with confidence in simple movements. She has always known the benefits of sport and being active but when she entered the education world as an Outreach Worker running programs in inner city schools, she noticed the lack of accessibility, knowledge and participation at all ages. With a passion for dance and sport she turned to DANCEPL3Y and became the Region Operator for PL3Y Education BC to be able to teach fitness through dance across British Columbia. Tanya is a large advocate for physical literacy, social-emotional learning, equality and inclusion and found all of these pillars in PL3Y. With the universal language of music and movement, she witnessed students thrive through positive social interactions, develop autonomy in their bodies and simply HAVE FUN!