Vocabulary - A Key to Comprehension (Part 1: Vocabulary Instruction)


Why teach vocabulary? Does it matter how I teach vocabulary?  How do I choose which words to teach? How can I support my ELL students?  


This session will focus on the big ideas of explicit vocabulary instruction, including instructional supports for ELL students.  We will explore the different types of vocabularies, how they develop over time, and teaching considerations to support their development.  We will also explore content area vocabulary, its fundamental connection to conceptual understanding, and the importance of teaching words in context. 


A variety of classroom-ready strategies and resources will be shared that support content area and academic language vocabulary. Assistive technology tools and activities will be shared. 



(This workshop is an amalgamation of sessions 1 and 2 from the afterschool series that was presented in February.) 

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10:50 AM - 12:20 PM

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  • Surrey Schools - Priority Practices
    Stacey Joyce

    Stacey Joyce is a member of the Literacy Team at DEC, supporting teachers in grades 4 - 12. Her teaching experiences have taken her from secondary science to LST, then jumping to elementary LST. She is passionate about learning and sharing evidence-supported practices that help students develop strong literacy skills. 

  • Surrey Schools - Student Support
    Kulbir Johal

    Kulbir Johal is one of the LST Helping Teachers at DEC. She supports the City Centre zone. She is passionate about taking the theory of educational research and turning it into concrete, practical classroom activities.