Printing Like a Pro! in the Classroom


Printing Like a Pro! is an easy to use printing program designed to support printing development of all primary grade students (K – Grade 2). It is an extensive printing program, easily accessed through the internet, free of charge and ready to be implemented. The Printing Like a Pro! program will be thoroughly presented, including teaching tools and materials available for classroom use. Participants will view the program materials, discuss use of the program and have an opportunity for interactive learning. Participants will have immediate access to an evidence-based printing resource that can be used for individual, small or large group use.


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10:50 AM - 12:20 PM
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  • BC Children's and Women's Hospitals
    Ivonne Montgomery



    Ivonne is a Pediatric Occupational Therapist and a Professional Practice Leader at BC Children’s Hospital, BC Women’s and Sunny Hill Health Center for Children in Vancouver, BC. Ivonne has over 30 years of pediatric experience.  She worked in a school district contract for over 20 years which lead to her interest in handwriting & printing difficulties.  She completed her Masters of Rehab Science degree from UBC in 2017, completing two research studies focusing on the free online printing program - Printing Like a Pro!



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