SECONDARY Fake News! Information in the Digital Age

What information is real, and what is fake? In a constantly changing and aggressive media landscape, it is increasingly difficult to decide which information is trustworthy. This workshop provides participants with the tools necessary to tackle information, journalism, and media in the contemporary Digital Age. It unpacks what kinds of fake news exists, how to spot and debunk fake news across different media, and the political economy of media packaging. Pairing clips, case studies and hands-on group-work, this workshop offers tools for exposing fake news, and insight into what challenges lie ahead in the news landscape. Hand-outs with resources provided.

Target Audience

Sec. Jr. 8-10


12:30 PM - 2:00 PM

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  • Chelsea Birks

    Chelsea (MA, PhD) is responsible for developing and managing on- and off-site learning programs for The Cinematheque. The Cinematheque, founded in 1972, is a film institute and media education centre devoted to understanding the impact of moving images and screen-based media in our lives. Chelsea strives to engage and inspire the community with interactive and participant-centred initiatives in schools, public libraries, and community centres