The Power of Extreme Writing! Creating Eager and Fluent Writers

Students who write too slowly, and “have no ideas” quickly fall further and further behind through the years.   BUT…how do we enhance fluency and keep it engaging long enough to succeed?


Extreme Writing has built in novelty (which the brain loves). Leave with a year’s plan, a method of assessing student capacity and 7 unique strategies, with multiple ideas for each strategy, creating a year of refreshing unexpected choices for grades 4-8.

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  • Diana Cruchley

    Diana Cruchley is an award-winning educator and author.  She has taught at both elementary and secondary levels.  She is the recipient of the Governor General’s Flight to Freedom Literacy Award.  Her practical workshops are always enthusiastically received.


     She's a passionate writer herself. Her column, Cruchley's Collection has been in the myPITA newsletters for many years. Also check and