PRIMARY Theatre in Education - a continuation of the Creative Drama in the Classroom introductory workshop.

The Theatre in Education workshop is introducing theatre, or performance drama, to your curriculum.  This introduction to theatre is geared more for grades 2 - 3. Please note that the morning session of Creative Drama in the Classroom, an Introduction is centered around non-performing drama games and excercises.  (Attendance at the morning Creative Drama workshop is not a prerequisite for this afternoon workshop.)    In an effort to create a seamless transition from the natural skills of pretend play to the study of theatre, we will integrate the several aspects of the art form: script writing, acting, designing, directing, researching, analyzing and critiquing, and understanding contexts. The teacher will be actively involved in the students' planning, playing, and evaluating, but students will be guided to develop group skills so that more independence is possible. The content of the drama will develop the students' abilities to express their understanding of their immediate world and broaden their knowledge of other cultures.

Target Audience

Gr. 2-3


12:30 PM - 2:00 PM

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  • Susan Pendleton

    Master of Arts degree in Educational Theatre from New York University,  including two summers studying in England ("Drama in Education" and "Theatre in Education")

    Taught and directed theatre/drama to ages 8 - adult.   Was head of the theatre department at Girls' Preparatory School in Tennessee.

    Founder and Director of Surrey Youth Theatre Company, now in our 23rd season.