Teens 101

Teens may face issues that can affect their mental health and well-being. This session provides an overview of Teens 101, a teaching resource for Counsellors, Career and P.E. teachers of grades 8-12 to support the health curriculum. The resource is comprised of 13 short videos depicting a re-enactment of real-life experiences. The intent is to help reduce stigma surrounding topics such as depression, anxiety, addiction, self-harm, mental illness, bullying, body image, and sexuality, and to continue to promote an environment of greater understanding, support and acceptance in our society today.

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10:50 AM - 12:20 PM
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  • Focused Education Resources (formerly ERAC)
    Mike Silverton

    Mike has been providing professional development and in-service to teachers for over 25 years.  He has taught from elementary to the graduate level and has a wide range of experience to draw upon to provide enriching workshops for all.  Mike is the Coordinator of Professional Learning for FocusED and the Past President of the Computer Using Educators of BC PSA. (CUEBC)