K-12 Humane Science Education - Teaching without Dissection, How and Why.

Join us for this fun, interactive workshop where you'll get experience in how to replace animals for dissection and use non-animal teaching methods (virtual dissections etc.) instead. You'll take the seat of a Grade 8 student in this mock class where we'll explore animal anatomy without using real animals. 

There is a common misperception that dissection is the best way to teach anatomy, adaptation to function, body systems, etc. We're here to bust that myth and show you that non-animal teaching methods are the best option for your students (90% of students learn better using non-animal teaching methods compaed to dissection -- according to science!). We'll also explore the ethics of using animals in science education, and leave you with a bunch of free resources to bring your science teaching into the 21st century.

Target Audience

All Grades K-12

To Bring/Important Notes

We'll provide everything - just bring an open mind!


10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

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  • Elisabeth Ormandy

    Elisabeth’s academic background in neuroscience and animal behaviour/welfare/ethics has driven her passion to critically evaluate the use of animals in science, and to promote the replacement of animals as best scientific practice. In 2015, she co-founded, and is current Executive Director of the Animals in Science Policy Institute (AiSPI) – Canada’s first and only national registered charity that promotes better science without animals. Elisabeth serves as an advisor to the Canadian Centre for Alternatives to Animal Methods, the Canadian Council on Animal Care, the Humane Education Coalition and the Alternatives to Laboratory Animals journal. In addition to these roles, Elisabeth is an instructor in the Faculty of Science at the University of British Columbia, and currently sits as Board President of Now You Know Podcast – an educational podcast focused on animal issues.