Chemical fun for teachers on the run!

Chemistry labs are worth pursuing! Elements!  Compounds! That’s what we’re doing! 

Observations involving your senses, and measurement labs with few expenses!

Working together and having some fun, is the goal for the workshop, come on! Run!

Come learn the joys of Chem 6&7, your students will think they’ve gone to heaven!

Assessment ideas are included, just bring yourself, don’t be excluded!


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11:45 AM - 1:15 PM
Room B211
Sullivan Heights Secondary School

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  • Peer Support Services
    Grace Lai

    Grace is a mad scientist.   She has been creating fun labs and hands on activities for grades 4-12 for over 35 yrs.  She is currently working as a Peer Support Consultant  in the District  and loves helping teachers and students  learn about science!