ABED Perspective: This Too Shall Pass

I’m an indigenous person from Canada in the province of British Columbia. So, as an indigenous person I would like to extend a sense of empathy and understanding of the fear many of you feel. My family has been here since time immemorial (it’s been proven for a minimum of 20000 years). 200 years ago there were more than 50000 of my people. Due to the small pox epidemic that was brought over from a foreign land in 1862, within a span of 18 months the smallpox epidemic nearly wiped all indigenous natives out of the province of British Columbia by 90+%. Shortly after, along with the Canadians, we faced the influenza epidemic and then tuberculosis in residential schools, as well as the 1918-1919 pandemic, whiich took some fifty million lives across the world. When I was born I was less than 500.... meaning I am less than 1% survival from my people. These days my Nation has 10000+. There are 200+ indigenous nations in the province of British Columbia, all with a very similar story, all with very similar devastation to their numbers. That’s a perspective many don’t recognize or even realize.
I sincerely believe we will all get through this. My ancestors fought for me to survive. Be a good ancestor. Your descendants may very well depend on it. Stay Home and try and embrace all that is still good. This too shall pass. Register in my session and I will share how my ancestors survived these earlier epidemics, pandemics, etc.

Most respectfully,
The Great Grandson of Heredity Chief,
Gitxsan Nation.


Target Audience

All Grades K-12

To Bring/Important Notes

A willingness to listen with the intent to understand and not ust reply.


10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

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  • Troy DERRICK

    Troy DERRICK is a member of the Gitxsan First Nation and has been serving the Surrey Community in Shared Territory of Semiahmoo, Kwantlen and Katzie First Nations as a Constable with the Surrey RCMP for over 14 years.
    Cst. Troy DERRICK's primary role has been relationship development, community engagement and healthy communication.
    Cst. DERRICK utilizes the oral tradition of story telling and sharing during his presentations.
    During his service with the RCMP, Cst. DERRICK has been able to build lasting relationships with both our local indigenous communities and the Diverse urban indigenous population. Cst. DERRICK has experienced multiple and diverse challenges that have been brought from various communities from the indigenous and non-indigenous Canadians.
     Cst. DERRICK utilizes his experience, story telling and ability to create an environment of equality that allows the listener to leave with a sense of enlightenment and empowerment.