FAILURE... My experience with helping students embrace failure to accelerate learning

Many teachers will say that they value risk in their classrooms.  But what does that really mean.  Are your students excited to share the WRONG answer, and even more, celebrate when they are wrong? What is the sweet spot for student success when it comes to learning new skills?  30 to 50% failure rate may be the optimal number for student learning.  How do we define success when it comes to learning?  Join me for a discussion on Failure and how it can push students forward.  


This session is designed to help teachers look at their practice from a lens of continual progress.  What I found out changed how I approached skill development from literacy, to physical Skills, to learning Algebra!  Walk away from this session with some perspective on building skills and continual student growth.  If students are getting 80 to 100% correct, they may not be progressing.

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1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

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  • Calgary Board of Education
    Paul Marlett

    Paul is a purebred teacher, he is a maverick in education with a unique approach to teaching and learning.  Teaching grades 1 to 12, all subject matters, and 10 years with the Blended Homeschooling program, he has some unique insights into students and accelerating student progress.  He is a storyteller who tries to find humour in every failure or experience.