AI & Your Classroom - What You Need to Know

It’s human nature to be scared of what we don’t yet understand. And with everything you’re already being asked to do, it’s unrealistic to expect classroom educators to also be experts on all the advancements in emerging technologies like A.I. But the stakes are too high to turn a blind eye. Human <> Machine collaboration will be one of the most sought after skills in the next decade. You want to set your students up for success, and we want to help. Join this session to understand what is possible with generative AI tools like ChatGPT, how you can use them in collaboration with your students, and how you can leverage our free resources to empower your students to create the future.    

Target Audience

Senior Secondary

To Bring/Important Notes

An open mind.


1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Room B202
Sullivan Heights Secondary School

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  • TKS (The Knowledge Society)
    Pranav Menon

    Pranav is an engineer turned startup enthusiast whose career began in product roles for medtech and manufacturing companies. He then worked in startup consulting, where he supported over 100+ founders in solving critical world problems within wildfire prevention, water treatment for remote communities, and mental health support. Currently, Pranav is a Director at TKS (The Knowledge Society) coaching over 150 high school aged students through an intensive 10 month program that trains ambitious teenagers to solve global problems with emerging technologies and breakthroughs in science.

  • Surrey Schools - District Education Centre
    Tanya Clift

    Tanya Clift has worked at a teacher in Surrey School District for more than 25 years. She has spent the majority of her career working with students in a variety of career education settings, from classroom based courses, to Coop learning models, to work experience programs and as a Career Facilitator in secondary schools. She is currently working in the Surrey School District Career Education Department as a District Career Facilitator supporting K - 12 teachers with the Career Education curriculum.