Introducing Instruments to Early Primary Students

Participants will sing songs and play games that are used to introduce young learners to the instruments of a typical music classroom. They will learn strategies to manage class behaviour while handing out and using instruments. These songs and games will engage the kids and restrict the children to play appropriately and at appropriate times. These activities will also teach the children to listen carefully to the instruments for timbre, rhythm, (pitch) and quality of sound. There will also be an activity that engages your students' own creativity. By the end, the participants will be comfortable playing and teaching young learners all of the instruments of the music classroom.

Target Audience


To Bring/Important Notes

Wear comfortable clothes that you can move around in and in which you can sit on the floor.


8:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Room SS 217
Semiahmoo Secondary School

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  • Sonja Karlson

    Sonja has been teaching music in elementary schools for 18 years and music to children for 30 years. She is an Orff specialist and is the current Past President of the BC Orff Chapter. Sonja recently completed a Masters of Arts Education from SFU. Sonja currently teaches music full-time at Armstrong Elementary school in Burnaby to students from Kindergarten to grade seven.