Women's Roles in STEM and Sci-fi

This workshop will attempt to analyse the roles of women in sci-fi that stems from their roles in STEM (pun intended). Sci-fi has been traditionally a male-dominated genre, and we will dig into how it came to be so through feminist readings of prevalent hard science fiction. Exemplar resources will be shared from James's New Media 10 unit: Feminist Ideaologies in Jurassic Park.

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10:50 AM - 12:20 PM

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  • L.A. Matheson Secondary
    James Kim

    James Kim is an English/French teacher at L.A. Matheson. His foci and passions lie in Victorian and Elizabethan literature, having discovered them at UBC during his time as a Literature major. He furthered pursued his passion for teaching in the UK, where he taught Literature and Classical Studies for four years. Coming back to Vancouver, he rediscovered social-emotional learning and has been expanding his knowledge and skills on how to support students in the classroom. He also loves Transformers and LEGO.