AB ED Building Next Steps in Our Practice of Indigenous Education

This interactive session will be hosted by Dr. Angela Nardozi, who is a Settler on Turtle Island.  Angela invites you to come together with other educators and excavate your own histories, influences, and education with respect to Indigenous histories, cultures, and current communities. We will then discuss how our influences impact our teaching, where we feel blocked, and what might be holding us back from going deeper in our teaching of Indigenous content. 

Finally, we will begin to lay out next steps for our teaching including actions we can take and where we can find support. This workshop will combine independent journaling, circle sharing, and group coaching.  Please come ready to write, share, and learn from others. 

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11:45 AM - 1:15 PM

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1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

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  • Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
    Angela Nardozi

    Angela Nardozi is a guest on Turtle Island, with both sides of her family originating in Italy. She is a certified teacher and received her Ph.D. from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education in 2016.  She currently lectures in the Masters of Teaching Program at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, and is the Co-Director of the Indigenous-Italian-Canadian-Connections project (iicconnections.com) Her passion for working alongside Indigenous communities began in 2008, after living and working in a Treaty Three First Nation.

    After completing her MA research with that community, she returned to Toronto to work with her own community - non-Indigenous educators. From 2011 to 2016 she was the Project Manager of the Deepening Knowledge Project, where she delivered workshops to over 6000 teacher candidates about Indigenous histories and current communities, and the responsibilities of Settler educators in teaching this content.  

    In 2016, Angela expanded her offerings to include coaching, after training with Tammy Neilson from Creating Realities. She now has an established coaching practice where she works to support Settlers working with Indigenous colleagues, partners, and communities, to ensure we are not reproducing colonial and white supremacist dynamics in our relationships.  

    Angela is an engaging speaker and has over a decade of experience communicating to a vast array of audiences about Indigenous/Canadian issues and research. Her current work spans the corporate, non-profit, and educational sectors. She has been invited to speak to community and religious groups and has extensive experience with academic audiences as a keynote, invited and peer-reviewed speaker.

    Angela has delivered  hundreds of workshops to students from kindergarten to graduate level. She has channeled some of what she has learned from these experiences into Listen & Learna free monthly newsletter for educators interested in teaching issues and resources related to Indigenous topics.