Understanding Teacher Burnout

Are you feeling the weight of juggling student’s needs, parents’ expectations, administrative expectations, and the demands of delivering curriculum? So often holding all these pieces at the same time can leave you disconnected from yourself and those around you. You might find yourself having difficulty slowing down, or find when you get home you are numb and flat. This in-person workshop will help you understand this process and your responses more fully. It will help you  become aware of where you currently are in this process and how you can find yourself again. 

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11:45 AM - 3:00 PM
Lavender Group Therapy

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This workshops is held offsite at Lavender Group Therapy - #211-20238 Fraser Highway - Langley, BC - V3A 4E6 - Canada


  • Lavender Counselling
    Carolynn Turner

    I spent 16 years in working in the BC Education System in various capacities (high school english teacher, Social Development counsellor, Family Outreach Therapist for category H students in social development programs). I have also worked as a contractor for BCTF offering workshops on Compassion Fatigue and  Understanding Trauma in Schools throughout the province. I am also the founder of Lavender Counselling where we work alongside teachers everyday. I have such a heart for the tirelessness with which teachers work to support those around them, often at the expense of themselves. 

  • Lavender Counselling
    Hannah Nguyen

    For the last 4 years, I have assisted and been involved in educational leadership research with UBC involving BC’s school principals and vice-principals. Over recent years, I have seen through both my research work, as well as through my role as a counsellor at Lavender Counselling, how exhausted our educators are. Work intensification, increased work demands, and limited or diminished resources have all resulted in increased emotional exhaustion and job burnout. As a counsellor, I have worked with educators in exploring and processing the emotional labour and work that they put in each and every day for their students, families, and school’s community.