Passwords: Protecting yourself, your network and your digital presence

Most people think of passwords as an inconvenience - they are hard to remember, difficult to type and make everything so slow when we just want to post a simple picture or check an email. The reality is for most of us that’s the only thing protecting our data, personal information, money and a lot of the things we use in our daily lives! This session we will look at ways to protect ourselves, our devices and networks and our data.

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Projector, screen and speakers.


11:45 AM - 1:15 PM
Room E314
Sullivan Heights Secondary School

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  • Cariboo Hill Secondary School
    Darren Yung

    Darren started teaching in 2000 at Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary School in Cloverdale, and then switched to Frank Hurt Secondary School in 2002/2003 where he taught until 2018/2019. He switched district to SD41 to be closer to home and his family.

    Darren's background is in computer science and is currently teaching at Cariboo Hill Secondary School the Palo Alto Cybersecurity Academy district program in SD41 Burnaby.