K-12 Following a Family from a Diagnosis to Adulthood

This workshop is presented to SEA's, IST or any educator working with special needs children and their family.  I presented this presentation at the May 2018 conference and it was very well received.  I did one in the morning at elementary level and one in the afternoon for intermediate/high school IST workers etc.


If you are struggling with getting a diagnosis for your children, or recently received one and you would like to know more about resources in the community, agencies, funding and charitable donations, this is the workshop for you. This workshop also covers how to get a formal diagnosis and the benefits that come from having an official diagnosis. In this workshop we discuss opportunities to access resources starting with early development, school-age and into the teenage years. This workshop will also cover navigating the school-age years and how to develop and implement robust Individual Learning Plans (IEP’s) and navigating the public school system. The workshop also covers various programs offered by the Ministry of Children and Family Development and the Child Tax Credit in addition to Child Care Subsidy.

Target Audience

All Grades K-12

To Bring/Important Notes

Nothing required


10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

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  • Lisa Moore

    Sometimes in life people go through painful experiences and unexpected events. It is my goal to help people heal and grow through periods of transitions in their lives. Many of us experience loss, grief, unhappiness or a sense of loss when we transition from one role to another in our daily lives. Some of us lose people we love, dreams we can no longer achieve, changes in careers, the diagnosis of a child with special needs, a loved one entering Long Term Care, or who is ailing in health, Divorce from a spouse, the beginning of a new marriage, perhaps with a blended family. It is my honour to help counsel you during these difficult transitions and help you heal from these difficult experiences.

    I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) through the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCCAC). I am also licensed through the Canadian Counselling Psychotherapy Association (CCPA) and hold a CCC license.

    I completed my Masters of Counselling Psychology at Trinity Western University and began working in my own private practice in 2016. Before going back to school to pursue my masters I worked as a Senior Executive in Sales and Marketing. I believe that my unique education has allowed me to help people grow and develop and create change for themselves.

    I work with clients who are often stuck and want to transition themselves, whether it be a change of career, how to make difficult decisions whether it be to leave or a job or a relationship. How to deal with the loss of a divorce. Helping people work through blended families and or helping someone to create a new life for themselves after a separation or divorce. I also work with individuals who want to manage their time better, take on more challenges or who feel stuck in a current situation. I often work with those individuals who suffer from anxiety or depression and need help dealing with every day life and stressful circumstances.

    About 10 years ago I adopted three special needs children and it was through that journey that I came to the work I am most passionate about, helping parents of special needs families. I meet with children and work with them using play therapy. It is during those sessions that I assess children for ADHD, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, Autism or and/or other types of learning disabilities. I then work with parent to help them have their child formally assessed and diagnosed by a registered psychologist. Once the family receives the diagnosis I work with parents to help them get resources such as Applied Behavioural Analysis, and Behavioural Intervention, OT/PT therapy, additional counselling for the child and various other required therapies. I work with the family to help them get funding for these therapies through charitable organizations and through the application to CRA to receive the Child Disability Benefits. I also go into the schools with the parents to work with their school based team to develop robust IEPS’ for their child which will follow them until graduation.

    The following list below are my areas of specialization and those I am passionate about:
    Personal Development
    Assertiveness / Boundaries
    Depression, Anxiety & Panic Disorders
    Past or Recent Trauma or Abuse
    Relationship and Couples Counselling
    Divorce, Separation and Blended Families
    Eating Disorders and Addictions
    Life Transitions
    Gender Dysphoria, LGBTQ Transitions
    Communication Building
    Grief Counselling
    Career Planning


    Child Play Therapy
    Self Esteem and Confidence Coaching
    Anxiety and Depression
    Career Exploration with Youth
    Dealing with Seperation and Divorce from the child and parents perspective
    Helping parents and children with strategies to deal with ADHD and ADD
    Assessments for Autism, ADHD, Oppositional Defiance Disorder


    Access to Assessments and Diagnosis
    Psycho-Educational, Autism, ADHD Testing
    Referral to local Psychologists for Assessments and Testing
    Referral to local Behavioural Consultants and Creating a Behavioural Intervention Team
    Mediation with School Districts and IEP Planning
    Access to 3rd party Funding and Ministry of Children and Family Case Workers
    Completing government and agency paperwork to obtain funding, therapy and resources
    Family Planning at transitional ages: birth, school age and adult

  • Nadine Viker

    As parents we sometimes feel at a loss of how to help our child when they are experiencing difficulties at school or with friends or how to deal with their emotions that is affecting them academically, socially or behaviourally. My personal experience and my love for children has helped me to realize that many parents need support and I have a passion for helping children and parents navigate these difficult water.

    I am a mother of two children, and through my travels working with children in the school based system, I came to realize that I had special gift helping parents and children find solutions to difficult issues that helped both and child improve their quality of life.

    I have worked with children for the past five years in the school system as an Education Assistant. This passion for helping children grow and excel propelled my quest for learning. I began to learn and practice counselling through child play therapy. I also have experience doing assessments with children to help get parents diagnoses for their child, and then put a plan in place to help parents access resources and funding with in the community and the school district.

    My hope is make a difference in the lives of these families and I would very much like to meet with your family and help make a difference in your lives.