From Isolation to Reconnection... A Biopsychosocial perspective on how to revitalize our joy in the workplace.

This discussion oriented workshop will focus on the importance of understanding how to reconnect to our why and to each other in what has increasingly become a very isolating workplace for many of us and our students during this ongoing pandemic. Research will be presented with a biopsychosocial lens and participants will be encouraged to connect the research directly to their own temperaments and experiences with the goal of discovering effective strategies to help continue to nurture or reawaken their passion for teaching.

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10:50 AM - 12:20 PM

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  • Elgin Park Secondary
    Trish Wagner

    Trish is a mom to 3 young adults and has been teaching highschool in Surrey since 1988. In 2015, she developed a Psychology 11 curriculum for Elgin Park and in 2016, Psychology 12.  In 2018, Trish co-created the Psychology 11 & 12 B.A.A. for the district. Her passion for learning how to be more responsive to her student's ever growing needs led her to pursue her Masters in Education Counselling in 2020. In the past two years she has since taken on a leadership role in the Department of Collaboration and Mentorship, where her passion for supporting students with an trauma sensitive lens has led to recognizing an ever growing need to support teachers.