Ensure Engagement, Focus and Equity with Math Resources for the In-Person, Hybrid and Remote UDL Classroom

Discover how interactive simulations provide educators with teaching in-person, hybrid or remote classes interactive opportunities to engage and focus all learners in mathematics. The ease of utilizing simulations stretches and expands students’ learning at the elementary and secondary levels in a variety of teaching techniques while removing the stress and anxiety of failure. 

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10:50 AM - 12:20 PM

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  • ExploreLearning
    Saarah Broadbent

    A lover of science, learning and former secondary Chemistry educator, Saarah Broadbent, has been an Area Implementation Coordinator across Canada with ExploreLearning for many years. Her passion for education drives her desire to support and encourage educators with math and science Gizmos lesson planning.

    Twitter: @SaarahBroadbent