Supporting Transgender and Gender Creative Children in the Primary Years

Educators play an important role in supporting gender creative and transgender children, their peers, and their families in the child's journey as they explore gender and express their authentic selves. In this workshop, we will discuss concepts around gender expression and gender identity, learning how to educate children about complex topics in a developmentally appropriate way. Learners will gain knowledge of the particular barriers transgender and gender creative children face as we explore how we can create a safe, equitable, and gender-expansive learning environment that focuses on joy and inclusion, rather than adversity and rejection.


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1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

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  • Liberation Collective
    TK Hannah

    TK (they/them) is an openly nonbinary transgender educator and forest school manager with years of experience in Forest Schools in Ontario and BC. In addition to their work in forest schools, they are a workshop facilitator committed to gender diversity, inclusion, risk & adventure play, and experiential learning. Some examples of their past workshops include: Storytelling, Creative Art and Loose Parts in the Forest, Supporting Transgender and Gender Creative Kids in the Early Years, & Supporting Outdoor Play and Exploration in the Early Years. TK is passionate about transformative education, the importance of play (no matter the age!) and the journey of unlearning.


  • Dee Abdirahman

    Dee Abdirahman (she/they) is a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Specialist and holds a Master of Education from York University and a Bachelor of Education from the University of British Columbia. Their research has explored racial inequities and barriers in access to education and she uses her knowledge and lived experience to actively influence systemic change in the educational system. Dee has spent over ten years advancing and strengthening values of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion in their communities. She is most passionate about creating safe and inclusive spaces and working towards collective liberation through education, art, and social justice.