Happiness for Teachers: Growing our Joy and Well-being

When we grow our happiness we not only boost our ‘feel good’ experiences of joy, contentment, love, pride and awe, we also improve other areas of our lives such as our enjoyment of teaching and our relationships, self-confidence and physical and mental health. This benefits ourselves and our families, students, schools and communities. In this workshop participants will learn practical strategies for growing their happiness and well-being, including mindfulness, self-compassion, curbing negative self-talk, gratitude and tools for reducing stress and overwhelm. Participants will leave with simple and practical strategies they can use today for reducing their stress and growing their joy in life and teaching.

Target Audience



8:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Room SS 205
Semiahmoo Secondary School

This session is full.


  • Melody Schalm

    Melody Schalm is the principal of Kind Kids (www.kindkids.org). She delivers Mindful Kids social & emotional learning workshops and programs to kids and youth in schools in greater Vancouver, and provides related workshops and training for teachers, parents and community program leaders. She is a committed advocate for growing kindness and emotional health in our communities, and regularly assists schools and community organizations with initiatives that grow individual and community well-being.