AB ED Pow Wow Glow Workout/Mindfulness (cardio)

Higher cardio movements for those who want to sweat! This session will be good for stress release too!
In this class you will build your flexibility, stamina, and endurance. You will experience and learn the meanings of each of the dances by trying each of the styles. This class blends pow wow moves with yoga to tone and strengthen your mind body and spirit. Woven through the sessions I will show pieces of my regalia that go with the different dances. To conclude together we will do a mindfulness practice to bring more presence and awareness to our lives.

Target Audience


To Bring/Important Notes


Yoga mat (optional)


Barefoot, Moccasins, or supportive footwear

Work out attire 


10:50 AM - 12:20 PM

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  • The Wild Moccasin Dancers
    Shyama-Priya Singh


    The Wild Moccasin Dancers are a dynamic dance duo that display the beauty and vibrancy of pow wow culture through dance. We engage the audience and encourage participation. As well as performances we also hold workshops. Our workshops are a wonderful opportunity for the audience to experience a more in-depth breakdown of the steps. From schools to festivals The Wild Moccasins have performed and taught at many events.